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Article: The priceless and timeless value of a bespoke piece crafted by a personal jeweller

The priceless and timeless value of a bespoke piece crafted by a personal jeweller

The priceless and timeless value of a bespoke piece crafted by a personal jeweller

There is something very precious and sentimental about bespoke jewellery. Commissioning a piece specifically designed and painstakingly handcrafted to celebrate a single event not only says a lot about the momentous occasion, but also bestows a lot of significance upon the jewel. Due to the profound emotional value captured, the keepsake will be treasured for years to come, will never go out of style, and will most likely be passed down through generations as a memorable family piece.

The advantages of commissioning a jeweller to create your own bespoke piece rather than going to a high-street jewellery store are numerous. Below we cover the value Louise adds as a personal jeweller to her private clients, and how her business model preserves the authenticity of a highly intricate craft.

A deeply rooted fascination and joy for all things jewellery
Louise’s passion for gemmology was ignited when she started working with a collector back in 1992. She was introduced to the mesmerising charm of rubies from Burma, emeralds from Colombia, and sapphires from Kashmir — incredible stones that would never be mounted, only worshipped. Today, diamonds and coloured stones are Louise’s forte and their charm is the reason why she fell in love with the industry.

Expertise and industry connections offer clients variety and competitive rates
More than two decades later, Louise knows her trade inside-out. She is qualified gemmologist and personal jeweller, and a regular amongst the Hatton Garden crowd — London’s historic jewellery district. Her innate understanding of the industry and expertise has not only granted her direct and exclusive access to a network of trusted stone dealers, but also lucrative prices when sourcing stones directly from international bourses.

Above: Louise featured in Country Life Magazine, 16th November 1995 in an article titled Stone Maidens by Melanie-Cable Alexander

Best buys and fab finds via a personal jeweller
Many of Louise’s private clients have come to rely on her as their personal jeweller, advising them not only on their existing collection but also on the latest best-buys and fab finds.

One such example is when Louise spontaneously came across an exquisite 7.21ct sugar-loaf emerald at the Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair in 2019. She purchased the stone for a client at market rate, saving on the usual markups added by high-street jewellers. The outcome is a beautiful emerald cocktail ring with diamond half moon shoulder stones. 

Passion and personalised service drive each commission
Louise’s fascination with jewellery fuels each and every one of her private commissions. Her expertise paired with her enthusiasm for stones carries over into her creative discussions with clients, as well as her close collaboration with craftsmen.

For a client, being involved in the process of bringing something to life from the moment an idea was conceived, to the exquisite end-product is a unique experience. The advantage of having a personal jeweller who is not only passionate about their craft but also understands the wearer’s style and preferences, adds to making this experience a special and enjoyable one.

A highly unique piece designed by you, with you, and for you
Having a piece of bespoke jewellery made means that is highly unique. It is carefully handcrafted to realise a client’s particular vision, as opposed to being mass-produced. This, of course, opens up a world of possibilities in terms of the type of jewellery e.g. ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings; stones, metals, shape, weight to name a few, and often the purpose of the piece drives the design. Over the years Louise’s diverse jewellery has defined and captured numerous memories — from engagements, weddings, and anniversaries, to graduations, birthdays, and family heirlooms.

The skill of expert craftsmanship is reflected in the final masterpiece
Jewellery is a highly specialised trade. It takes many years to gain and refine the skills to become a skilled jeweller. Knowing the quality and level of detail Louise’s clientele expect and look forward to in her pieces, she only collaborates with expert craftsmen who have mastered the art of creating fine jewellery. Not only are they able to produce pieces as per a client’s exact brief, but they also exceed expectations every time. Bespoke jewellery is done by hand and the time, effort, and skill involved are reflected in the final masterpiece.

Advantages of not having a physical retail presence: competitive rates and tailor-made service
Not having an actual physical retail presence in the heart of London means that Louise can keep her overheads low. This allows her to undercut high-street jewellery brands while offering the same quality and exclusive tailor-made service. In other words, you get Bond Street quality without the Bond Street price tag. Bespoke commissions typically start with an initial email or phone call but then continue with clients face-to-face by appointment.

For customers interested in buying ready-to-wear collections and gift ideas, the e-commerce website offers a fabulous and vibrant selection of practical and timeless jewellery for women across generations. For gentlemen, unique enamel and stone cufflinks cater to those who appreciate a sartorial finishing touch to their look.

More than a personal jeweller — memorable pieces that capture a family’s history
Over the years Louise’s has developed close connections with all her private clients, some of which have naturally grown into friendships. Being a family’s trusted personal jeweller means having the unique opportunity to capture meaningful occasions through bespoke pieces which are then subsequently handed down to the next generation. Similarly, dated treasures may be remodelled by reusing the stones and metals. Breathing new life into an old family heirloom allows it to be worn and continue honouring a family’s legacy.


If you have a special occasion on the horizon, consider investing in a custom masterpiece to capture that once in a lifetime moment. 

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