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There is something intangibly beautiful and sentimental about having your vision brought to life with a bespoke commission by a personal jeweller. It is the ultimate mark of a momentous occasion, achievement or special bond. As such, custom jewellery pieces are typically treasured as keepsakes, forever telling the tales of their wearers. 

Whether you're about to capture your love story with a bespoke engagement ring or you want to remodel a precious family heirloom, Louise's commissions over the last 25 years have set in stone her clients’ love stories, family legacies and meaningful moments. 

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Top 7 advantages of a Louise Sinclair bespoke commission
  1. You will have a piece designed by you, with you and for you. There will be no other piece like it, and it will be precisely as you envisioned it.
  2. Collaborating 1-on-1 with a personal jeweller means you will be in the hands of a skilled expert who takes pride in their trade and carries that passion into every single commission. 
  3. As a certified gemmologist and absolute lover of coloured stones, Louise can give you qualified advice on gems and which ones will work for you. 
  4. With over 25 years of industry experience, you have access to Louises established, reliable and wide-reaching network of vetted stone dealers and international bourses. This means you only get high-quality gems from trusted sources at competitive rates. 
  5. Louise is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices and, as such, only uses refined gold and certified, conflict-free diamonds that have undergone the rigorous Kimberley Process and comply with the United Nations resolutions.
  6. An expert craftsman from Louise's close-knit circle of established contacts will be fully briefed and committed to bringing your vision to life.
  7. Not having a high-street presence with costly overheads allows Louise to offer tailor-made service at competitive rates.

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From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations, these sentimental memories are forever and there’s no better way to carry them with you than with jewellery designed by you, with you and for you.

Bring your vision to life with a Louise Sinclair bespoke commission

1. Our first meeting — let the inspiration begin!
During the first meeting, you and Louise will be forming the design brief together, which is based on two fundamental aspects:
a) Who is the piece for and what is its purpose
This involves understanding the wearer’s lifestyle, personality, and style regarding fashion and accessories. You will also discuss the reason for commissioning a bespoke piece and your vision for it. Essentially you’ll be matching the jewellery with whoever will be wearing it.

b) Your budget
Whether you have a generous budget or a more modest figure in mind, you will end up with an exquisite masterpiece crafted to the highest standards. Louise only uses refined gold, certified stones and conflict-free diamonds in all her designs.

Once the above two essential elements are established, you will move on to the most exciting and creative part of the process — choosing stones, stone shapes, and metals and how these will all come together in your custom design.  

2. Designing and refining your dream piece
At this stage, Louise will source the stones from her trusted network of international stone dealers and bourses to ensure you get high-quality gems at the most lucrative prices. She will also draft design options and present you with detailed sketches and prices. Once you have selected your dream design, you will discuss any final details and revisions before moving on to crafting the piece. 

3. Expert artisans handcraft your vision to life
After the final drawings have been signed off, Louise will work closely with her team of expert craftsmen to bring your vision to life. At this stage, quality control and attention to detail go hand-in-hand with vision. Louise personally approves the work at every step of the crafting process to ensure it is perfect and meets your brief.

4. Time to be united with your bespoke masterpiece
Your piece will be ready approximately four to six weeks after the first meeting. Geography allowing, Louise will personally unite you with your new treasure and provide you with a valuation certificate for insurance purposes.

Book an appointment and get started!

The creation of every bespoke piece starts with a meeting. Get in touch today to book your consultation with Louise Sinclair.