Sterling Silver Disc Pendant with Personalised Enamelled Initial

$599.00 USD

You can't get more personal than wearing your own initial around your neckline. A classic must-have in any woman's collection, this sterling silver pendant with personalised letter is made to order with your enamelled initial of choice. Wear it with a casual day look or as part of a layered necklace combination for added impact. These pendants are also the perfect gift for women of all ages. 

Material      Sterling Silver

Pendant      22mm Dia.

Chain           17.5"


  • Enamel Initial in Sterling Silver and Gilt/Yellow Gold
  • Diamond Initial in Yellow Gold


  • This piece is made-to-order — please allow approx. 4-6 weeks for delivery

    Louise only crafts jewellery using refined gold and certified, conflict-free diamonds and stones from known and reputable sources.

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