Revel in abundant splendour with Louise’s new Infinity collection

New season, new jewellery, new energy! 

There’s no better way to step into autumn than with glamorous frosting to embellish your wardrobe. To usher in the new season, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Louise Sinclair Autumn/Winter’22 collection, Infinity; a range that spoils you with the lustrous purity of its stones in an opulent setting.
Initially inspired by a rising trend in earring design shifting from conventional studs, hoops, or drops to more decorative styling of the entire lobe or ear, Infinity is Louise’s personal take on the modern creeper earrings or ear cuffs. Although this collection nods to contemporary culture, its timeless design transcends the seasonal appetite. 

Two years of Zoom calls dominating our main way to interact and be seen meant that more than ever before, keeping up appearances had become of particular interest. Specifically, accessorising from the neck up was practically the only means of self-expression, whether you were on a work call or just catching up with distant friends and family.

Luckily, this enthusiasm continues to echo in 2022, and women are now even more motivated, excited and adventurous about accessorising and trying new styles. While it is easy to add a final touch to complement a vibrant summer outfit, with the season of scarves and more muted colours sweeping in, your ear game carries even more significance and impact. Dressing the lobes above a high-collared winter coat is a great way to show off your unique style and eye-catching gems. 

The design of the Infinity earrings running parallel to the earlobe rather than at the usual 90-degree angle allows the full shape with its frosting of exquisite stones to be admired. The circular motif is adorned by a string of seven claw-set stones progressively decreasing in size along the silhouette, evoking a sense of infinite splendour. To offer women a complete ensemble, Louise designed a matching ring and pendant (featuring eight claw-set stones) that elevate the collection's appeal and wearability.

All pieces are available in 9ct yellow gold featuring citrine, pink tourmaline, tsavorite or amethyst, and Swiss blue topaz shines in a 9ct white gold frame. Moreover, a limited edition featuring diamond brilliants set in white gold is available on pre-order for those who love a purist aesthetic. Starting from £180, Infinity allows you to unabashedly spoil yourself with an abundance of gemstones in a single piece at a price you won’t feel guilty about.

Explore the Infinity collection now.

Wear any LS collection or bespoke commission with peace of mind knowing that all pieces are made using sustainable materials. Louise only crafts jewellery using refined gold and certified, conflict-free diamonds and stones from known and reputable sources.