Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show her she’s your rock with the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Let’s celebrate all the amazing women in our lives throughout March as we look forward to Mother’s Day! 

Louise’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide features precious pieces to make all mothers feel appreciated and glamorous this month. Her jewellery articulates a timeless style that speaks the language of women from all walks of life. From grandmothers and stay-at-home mums to even those expecting, every mother deserves to be celebrated. 

As an entrepreneur and mother herself, Louise’s designs are inspired by the busy lifestyles of modern-day women, especially the demands on mothers to juggle children, families, social lives (hopefully), and often careers. 

Driven by a desire to create practical fine jewellery that not only keeps up with the twenty-first-century woman but also allows her to feel glamorous while on the go, Louise has mastered the balance between comfort and design flair.

As a mother, your day never stops. While attending to everything and everyone else, it’s easy to put your own needs and wants on the back-burner and lose your sense of individuality and femininity. That’s why all mothers and women deserve to wear jewellery that empowers them and makes them look and feel like the amazing queens that they are. — Louise Sinclair

So, to help you find the perfect piece that a mother must have in her jewellery collection, continue exploring our gift guide below.

A ring fit for a queen
There’s nothing like a fierce cocktail ring bursting with colour to make any woman feel invincible! With our four new semi-precious stone combinations, including ametrine extending our sublime collection, these gems are just what a fabulous queen needs. 
Sassy vibes from day to night

Radiating with colour, our On the Rocks collection is simply unabashed, pure fun! Featuring bold hoop earrings, stacking rings, and our gorgeous cocktail rings, this sassy collection bursting with exotic gems is just what any mother needs to express her playful charm from day to night.

Infinite love with Circle of Life pendant
A Circle of Life pendant is always a beautifully symbolic gift with its unbroken silhouette glowing with exotic gems. The dazzling coloured stones set in a timeless design can’t help but elevate any look and mood, guaranteed!