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Article: The Cosmopolitan Collection Launch

The Cosmopolitan Collection Launch

The Cosmopolitan Collection Launch

A Cosmopolitan is all you need this summer!

Summer 2022 is almost upon us, and the anticipation of quality time outdoors, sun-kissed skin and exotic getaways is practically palpable. And, of course, let’s not forget the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June to celebrate Her Majesty as the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Needless to say, we are not short of reasons to celebrate the next few exciting months in style. So, to help you look your best this season, Louise is launching the hottest new pieces to have you styled up no matter how or where you end up spending your days in the sun.

The Cosmopolitan collection features eight elegant, single-stone cocktail rings in wonderfully vibrant colours. They are available with our most adored gems such as amethyst, citrine and blue topaz — popular semi-precious stones throughout Louise’s collections due to their rich hues. Additionally, Cosmopolitan offers an opulent London blue topaz contrasted by more muted tones, such as pink amethyst, yellow-, green- and smokey quartz.
These unfussy, cushion-cut gems in a rub-over setting are comfortable to wear from day to night, whether you’re heading to the beach or a trendy cocktail bar.

Inspired by the Prohibition a century ago, this aptly named collection nods to an era when women defied traditional norms and expressed their independence and femininity with a dazzling statement ring.

The origins of the cocktail ring
The 1920s were times of profound and dynamic political, social and cultural change in the United States. A younger youth culture rebelled against an older, more traditional generation. It was also a time of rapid progress in the arts and technology, paralleled by changes in race relations, gender dynamics and sexual expression. This era, also known as the Roaring Twenties, gave rise to the Art Deco movement and the Jazz Age, as well as political firsts, such as women’s right to vote. Overall it was a time of economic growth, personal prosperity, and excess indulgence.

In an attempt to control the resulting instability, the government banned the consumption of alcohol throughout the US, referred to as the Prohibition. However, without the means to enforce such a blanket ban, the production and distribution of bootleg liquor on the black market proliferated. The huge demand eventually gave rise to speakeasies and secret cocktail lounges, only accessible through personal connections or the exchange of secret code words. And as such, cocktail culture was in full swing.

Amid these significant shifts, a new generation of young, independent American women emerged called flappers. Nowadays, the flapper woman is probably the most recognisable symbol synonymous with the Roaring Twenties. Pushing and blurring the lines of conventional norms, including beauty, fashion and style, they started frequenting bars and publicly socialising with men, an activity that was previously unheard of. 

A 1920s speakeasy

The term cocktail ring arose from the practice of women visiting the flamboyant speakeasy scene and deliberately drawing attention to their illegal consumption of cocktails with eye-catching gems. Subsequently, these accessories became bold statement pieces worn to tenaciously flaunt feminine independence. By donning them on their right hand as opposed to the left, where a wedding band would typically be, the avant-garde flappers proudly declared that these pieces were bought with their own money. 

Today, cocktail rings still stay true to their powerful history. Their flamboyance empowers women of all backgrounds and ages to express their confidence, charm, and fun personality. They exude glamour and single-handedly elevate a look no matter what the occasion. 
Starting at £410, the Cosmopolitan collection neatly offers affordable luxury that shines all year long to women across generations.

Shop Cosmopolitan collection.


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