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About Louise Sinclair

Find out how Louise’s journey as a gemmologist and personal jeweller began over 25 years ago. Her designs reflect her devotion to empowering modern-day women through glamorous yet practical collections that speak the language of women from all walks of life. Louise has championed a timeless style that masters the balance between comfort and design flair, which translates to her collections and bespoke commissions alike.

I absolutely love creating jewellery that complements and enhances a woman’s confidence, playful personality, and intrinsic elegance.

Globally recognised and respected industry qualifications

Louise’s love story with jewellery began in 1992 when she was mesmerised by the charm of Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds, and Kashmiri sapphires while working with a stone collector.

Eager to pursue her newfound passion, Louise obtained her gemmology and diamond diplomas from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) - the world’s longest established gem and jewellery education provider. Today, Louise is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association (FGA) and a Diamond Member (DGA).

Expertise and industry connections

Two and a half decades later, Louise knows the industry like the back of her hand. Being a regular among London’s historic jewellery district, Hatton Garden, together with her firm grasp of the industry, grants her exclusive access to trusted gem dealers and lucrative prices from reputable international stone bourses.

Jewellery inspired by the demanding lifestyles of modern-day women

As an entrepreneur and mother herself, Louise’s designs are inspired by the busy lifestyles of modern-day women. She creates practical, fine jewellery that not only keeps up with but also empowers the twenty-first-century woman, and has thus perfected her trademark of balancing sophistication and wearability, articulating a timeless style that speaks the language of women from all walks of life.

Wearability is key!

While her collections are often inspired by her fascination with ancient civilisations and iconic movements, Louise’s designs blend these influences seamlessly with a contemporary tone. Above all, wearability is key!

To me, the practicality of a piece of jewellery is vital. It needs to be comfortable and easy to wear. Only when it is worn does it become valuable.

This is why my intention is always to craft pieces that are flexible enough to be worn to any occasion, with any outfit, by women of all generations. Simplistic and clean lines ensure the designs do not date.

The power of coloured gemstones

Like the Ancient Egyptians, Louise is fascinated by the power colours have to express our personality and lift our mood. Her bold and vibrant jewellery reflects her mastery of exotic stones, setting radiating gems into clean and simple silhouettes.

The timeless and sentimental value of a bespoke piece

Louise’s innate talent to connect with her clients and understand their lifestyles allows her to bring the most unique visions to life. As a trusted personal jeweller, Louise’s bespoke commissions have defined and captured unforgettable memories — from engagements, weddings, and anniversaries, to graduations, birthdays, and family heirlooms, to name a few.

When it comes to inherited jewellery, remodelling heirlooms into contemporary pieces that can be worn, cherished and carried forward is a very significant part of what Louise does.

Clients come to me with inherited pieces to be remodelled for various reasons. However, ultimately, the goal is always to preserve a family’s legacy through a keepsake that can continue to be worn by current and future generations.


Louise is highly committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. As a result, she only uses refined gold and certified, conflict-free diamonds that have undergone the rigorous Kimberley Process and comply with the United Nations resolutions. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international, multilateral commitment to preventing conflict diamonds from entering the global supply chain.

As a longstanding expert within the industry, Louise continues to support English craftsmanship, London’s gem district Hatton Garden, and the community and provides private workshops to encourage and preserve this intricately distinct trade.