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Article: Pure Affinity Q&A Series: Interview with Lou Hurley

Pure Affinity Q&A Series: Interview with Lou Hurley

Pure Affinity Q&A Series: Interview with Lou Hurley

We have a lot of new and exciting things lined up for 2019, which I can’t wait to share with you.

One of them being that we are launching our monthly Pure Affinity Q&A Series, focusing on inspirational women and their successful careers.

As a mother and a businesswoman myself, I have a huge admiration for the capacity women have to juggle responsibilities, whilst making a positive impact on the world around them.

Therefore, I am delighted and honoured to highlight and celebrate the achievements of the influential and strong women that we have lined up. We will be getting an intimate peek into what inspires them, challenges they have overcome in business and their personal take on style and luxury. This is something very dear to my heart and I can’t wait to start the first Q&A of this wonderful series with my dear friend Lou Hurley, Founder of the Dusty Yak Foundation.

Louise xx

Lou Hurley’s love of travel took her on a family holiday to Nepal in August 2015. Having witnessed the devastation of the earthquake earlier that year, combined with a chance opportunity, Lou and her husband Matt Hurley set up the Dusty Yak Foundation the following year. As well as being the founder of an organisation, Lou has two children and spends her time between the UK, Asia and South America.

1. In 3 words, how would you describe your personal style?
Sporty, Unstructured, Classic…hmmm…

2. If you had to give the current chapter of your life a title, what would it be?
A work in progress.

3. If luxury was a… 

a) …place?         The ocean.

b) …moment?  First coffee of the day.

c) …person?      My best friend.

4. What’s the one piece of jewellery you can’t live without?
At the moment, my Fit Bit, otherwise a rose gold eternity style ring inset with multi-coloured gemstones from Sri Lanka.

5. Who/what inspires you?
The ocean on a cold, sunny day and happy people.

6. What has been your greatest challenge so far as a woman in business?
Selling oneself.

The Dusty Yak was set up in 2016 after seeing the devastation in Kathmandu following the 2015 earthquake. It is a small family founded charity, caring for orphans and impoverished children in Nepal. Run with financial transparency and solely by volunteers, we do rely very much on donors and sponsors. Having never been a saleswoman before, the challenge to ‘sell’ the Dusty Yak can be daunting. Nepal is also a challenge in itself. Women and girls are second rate citizens and children are commodities, but the charity is making a difference to their lives so the challenge is to keep the Dusty Yak going!

7. What is the one piece of advice you would pass on to the next generation?
Don’t grow up too quickly!


To find out more about Lou’s world and her foundation, visit:



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