Candy Blush Launch

Start spring on a vibrant note with our delicious new Candy Blush collection and more

Spring is finally here! As we transition from winter to summer, this wonderful season signifies many things to many people. Generally though, it’s associated with new beginnings, letting go of what was and looking forward to what may be. As the days get longer and warmer, flowers bloom as nature reclaims its cheerful colours and heavenly scents. Crops start growing and many animals come out of hibernation. Spring brings with it a sense of rejuvenation, freshness, promise and vibrancy. Who doesn’t love spring?!

So, whether you’re doing your bout of spring cleaning at home or saying goodbye to old ideas and embracing new goals for 2022, the start of this bustling season is the perfect time to usher in new energy. And new jewellery!

Riding on nature’s wave of “in with the new”, we are launching our delicious collection Candy Blush, charms to accessorise your favourite LS pieces, and four more sublime cocktail rings. Louise’s got you covered with vibrant gems that will set you up for a positive and bold start to the season and rest of the year.

Spring/Summer ’22: Candy Blush — 0% Calories, 100% Fun!
Finally, the kind of candy you can indulge in guilt-free! Say hello to our newest collection, Candy Blush. Enjoy the best of all worlds: some of Louise’s most adored designs infused with a quadruple shot of the most revered, exotic coloured stones. These kaleidoscopic pieces will have you hooked on their vibrant energy, so much so, you may want to wear them every day!

Louise Sinclair Charms — Discover a Whole New Side to Your Jewellery
Get the most out of your LS hoops simply by adding any of our adorable and practical charms. Instantly switch things up by dropping on a star, half-moon or lightning bolt charm for a fun and unique look. Easy to add and remove, these edgy little trinkets will effortlessly transform your look from day to night.

Four More Colourful Cocktails Served on the Rocks
Our cocktail rings have been so popular since their launch last year that we’ve decided to mix another set of four irresistible colour combinations. The ametrine is a particularly remarkable stone with amethyst and citrine combining in a unique way to create zones of purple and yellow or orange.