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The timelessness of jewellery — Mother’s Day Q&A with Louise Sinclair

29th March 2019
The timelessness of jewellery — Mother’s Day Q&A with Louise Sinclair

With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day both in the same month, March has been all about celebrating and honouring women and mothers and what they mean to us.

In keeping with this theme, we are sharing an intimate look into Louise’s life as a granddaughter, daughter, and mother to two teenage girls. Find out about why the timelessness of jewellery is so significant to her, and what role heirlooms have played in her family and how they have influenced her designs. Discover what exciting new projects she is currently working on and the fabulous new jewellery lines just being launched.

Continue reading and get an exclusive peek into Louise’s world.

1. Your brand focuses on timeless designs for women of all generations. Why is this important to you?

To me the practicality of a piece of jewellery is vital. It needs to be comfortable and easy to wear. Only when it is worn does it become valuable. I find it such a shame when a treasured piece is locked away in a safe somewhere because it is either too awkward or outdated to wear.

This is why my intention is always to design pieces that strike a fine balance between creative flair and practicality. They need to be flexible enough to be worn to any occasion, with any outfit. Coco Chanel said: ‘Simplicity is the keynote of elegance,’ and my approach to jewellery design could not be more aligned to that line of thinking.

When it comes to inherited jewellery, they obviously have an innate history associated with them. Remodelling heirlooms so they can be carried forward from generation to generation, is a very significant part of what I do and rooted in my brand’s essence.

2. Why do clients come to you with their heirlooms?

Clients come to me with inherited jewellery to be remodelled for various reasons. Some want a ‘facelift’ as they feel the design is somewhat outdated. Others are looking to personalise their treasures so they are more suitable to the wearer’s style. In some cases, the piece may be so heavily worn and delicate that it needs specialised attention and care to preserve its longevity, so it can continue to be worn by current and future generations and remain timeless.

3. In keeping with Mother’s Day, what treasured pieces have you have inherited and will you pass them on to your daughters?

I remember from my childhood that my grandmother loved jewellery and was always glammed up. She owned a Celtic brooch with pavé set diamonds in the shape of a four-leaf clover, which unfortunately went missing over time. My mother was very fond of this particular piece, so to continue my grandmother’s legacy and our Irish roots, I decided to recreate it for my mother’s 70th birthday. 

This shamrock pendant is now one of my signature ranges in my collection and very much symbolic of my family’s heritage.

There are other treasures from my grandmother that I have remodelled, where subsequently the stones continue to live on in new pieces. One such example is a bombe ring, which houses the sapphire from another antique piece that was given to my grandmother by my grandfather.

Of course, eventually, all of what I own will be passed on to my daughters. Luckily they both have different tastes with regards to stones, so there won’t be any sisterly feuds when it comes to who gets the emerald or who inherits the sapphire (I hope)!

4. How would you describe being a mother? What does it mean to you?

It has been the best and most meaningful achievement in my life. Having said that, I can’t wait till they grow up! 

5. How do your daughters inspire you?

Their energy is an amazing inspiration in everything I do, and the innocence of youth is a beautiful thing to be reminded of every day. I am proud of their contribution and involvement with my brand and am delighted to have them represent the essence of my collections in our visual campaigns.


6. Name 3 things that make you feel like your true self?

Tobago, riding my horse, and being a mother to my girls.

7. What has been your greatest challenge so far as a woman in business?

Being a woman in the world of jewellery design and gemmology presents its own challenges as this is a heavily male-dominated industry. Hatton Garden, London’s traditional jewellery quarter, still runs on a very old-school system of doing trade, which has traditionally always been carried out by men. Although an increasing number of women have gotten a foothold in this market, back in the 1980s when I started, it was a different story and navigating your way around an industry mainly run by men was definitely a challenge.

8. What exciting project(s) are you currently working on?

I will be launching a beautiful new range with exotic, semi-precious coloured stones in May this year. The intent is to make my collections more accessible to a wider group of women by offering a more affordable entry point. The introduction of exotic stones not only offers diversification in terms of product variety but also adds a fun splash of colour to an outfit. 

Later in the year, in Autumn, I will be unveiling an exciting new collection based on clean and simple geometric lines, perfect for those who like to make a design statement. 

Meanwhile, a project that is closer to home and goes back to the topic of passing on history, a set of shamrock pendants with semi-precious coloured stones for the latest generation of girls in our family is also in the pipeline. These will be ready in time for an upcoming special occasion.


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