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Shine all season long with our new On the Rocks collection

16th September 2021
Shine all season long with our new On the Rocks collection

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean your glamorous glow needs to take a hiatus too! So get ready to bring your sultry holiday vibes back into your work life this season with our new Louise Sinclair Autumn/Winter’21 collection, On the Rocks.

Autumn may be here, but if there’s anything we’ve learnt in recent times, it’s that coloured gemstones lift our spirits 365 days a year, come rain or shine! Whether you’re remote working, commuting to an office every day, or wearing different hats from day to night, adorning yourself with vibrant jewellery does wonders to your mood, confidence and completely transforms your presence.

To carry that charming summer radiance into the latter half of the year, we are launching some of our hottest Spring/Summer’21 bestsellers in irresistible autumn hues. A comprehensive range featuring hoop earrings, bracelets, cocktail and stacking rings, On the Rocks also introduces some new delightful designs that will brighten even the cloudiest of days.

So, whether you’ll be returning back to the office or continue working remotely, your radiant summer energy is one thing that doesn’t need to go down with the sunset this season.

More cocktail rings, more rocks

If you loved the cocktail rings from our Summer Oasis collection you’ll be ecstatic about an additional four new stones to choose from: deep blue topaz, warm whiskey quartz, radiant lemon quartz, and serene olive quartz. All four emerald-cut stones are framed in a claw setting and complemented by exotic stones in contrasting hues along the shank. Elevate your work glam or add a final touch to a cocktail dress with any of these bold statement pieces.

All good things come in vibrant 20mm hoops

Hoop earrings always represent a sense of fun and freedom. Our new 20mm hoops are a nod to the bestselling oversized hoop earrings from our Summer Oasis collection but with a smaller diameter, more befitting a work-life setting. Still featuring the same vibrant gems of blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, and tsavorite, we have also included pink tourmaline and diamonds for that autumnal tone. For a fun and bold statement, layer the new hoops with their larger 40mm twin, or pair them with our vibrant Circle of Life pendants.

Stack-up the glam

As you layer up on clothes this autumn, don’t forget to stack up your rings too! Continuing our lineup of fabulous stacking rings, you can now complement the existing pieces with three new diamond-set rings in yellow, white, and rose gold. These trinkets are must-haves at any woman’s fingertips. They are perfect for those who, despite having hectic schedules, like to keep things fun, versatile, and elegant.

Hoops for days… and nights

Now you can effortlessly pair the stacking rings with the matching 9ct hoop earrings showcasing exotic stone rounds in a similar rub-over setting. The hoops feature the same six stones of amethyst, tsavorite, pink tourmaline, citrine, blue topaz, and diamond for a seamless combination. These are everyday essentials and add charming drops of colour to lift a formal look.

A bracelet a day keeps the winter blues away

Let the subtle elegance of a delicate bracelet shine with our two new yellow gold bracelets cradling pink tourmaline and tsavorite stones in a rub-over setting. Extending our existing collection featuring amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, sapphire, and diamond rounds, these dainty charms can be mixed and matched with our new hoops and stacking rings to suit your changing style throughout the workweek.

Starting from £150, basking in that holiday feeling has never been more accessible and affordable.

Shop our new On the Rocks collection today!


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