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Pure Affinity Q&A Series: Interview with Olivia Norman

19th November 2019
Pure Affinity Q&A Series: Interview with Olivia Norman

Welcome to another instalment of our Pure Affinity Q&A Series. This is where we take the opportunity to focus on inspirational women who successfully juggle their careers, families and other responsibilities on a daily basis while making a positive impact on the world around them.

With Christmas around the corner, this is a great time to introduce Olivia Norman, founder and owner of At Last! Creative. Her digital studio specialises in capturing treasured photographic and video moments so that they can be enjoyed by friends and family for years to come.

Keep reading below to find out more about this inspiring lady.

Louise xx

1. In 3 words, how would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed, classic, sometimes a scruff-bag!

2. If luxury was a… 

a) …place?         Tulum with my husband; eating healthy food and doing yoga together.

b) …moment?  Belly laughing with my four daughters — there’s no better feeling!

c) …person?     I don’t know, sorry!


3. You have a little Louise Sinclair jewellery collection of your own. Tell us more about your pieces and when and where you like to wear them.

My husband very sweetly buys jewellery for myself and our daughters each year and Louise makes it so simple and easy for him to do this. We love the way that Louise really understands what is on-trend for our teenage girls, as well as her creativity and attention to detail when it comes to those extra special bespoke pieces, such as the personalised design she helped to create for our eldest.

4. Being a mother to four daughters as well as a successful entrepreneur, you are obviously a multi-tasking, multi-talented woman. Tell us more about your business.

Olivia Norman

My business, At Last! Creative is my passion and I absolutely adore what I do. I feel it is so important to capture as many moments as you can — not just the big moments, but all the little ones too. In this digital age, it can be easy to build up 1000s of images and videos on our devices and then they just sit there for years, never looked at or appreciated; so my team and I are in the business of helping our clients turn their digital images and videos into precious and tangible memories in the form of beautiful photograph albums or home movies to be cherished forever.


5. What has been your greatest challenge so far as a woman in business?

My greatest challenge has been, and continues to be, the juggle! I love what I do, but it is also very important to me to ensure that my husband, daughters, family and friends also get the attention and time that they need.


6. What advice would you give a young woman starting her own venture?

I would advise any young woman to truly love what they do. It’s so much easier to make something a success if you are really passionate about it.


7. What is next for you?

A little bit more me time! I’m hoping that I can persuade at least one of my girls to learn the ropes of the business one day so they can take it over from me, and then maybe I can enjoy sitting back and watching them – but we shall see!


To find out more about Olivia’s world and At Last! Creative, visit:



IG:             @atlastcreative

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