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Find your personal treasure in our new, colourful Summer Oasis collection

29th April 2021
Find your personal treasure in our new, colourful Summer Oasis collection

They say variety is the spice of life, and this summer, what better way to introduce some flavour into your world than by embracing colour in your jewellery collection.

Our new Spring/Summer’21 Summer Oasis collection is anything but monotonous. Featuring some of the most striking exotic gems, these pieces celebrate nature’s exquisitely coloured stones and the woman wearing them.

Dating back to 4000BC, ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans wore jewellery for their healing and magical properties. The Egyptians also believed that colours reflect aspects of our personality, which is why colour symbolism was such an essential part of their culture. For the Greeks, the diversity and richness found in their jewellery and gemstones reflected society’s prosperity.

A couple of millennia and civilisations later, the purpose of wearing jewellery may have evolved; however, the physical and emotional effect colour has on us is profound.

Not only does a splash of colour break up a monochrome outfit, but it completely lifts the mood of a look and reveals the wearer’s unique style. Summer Oasis is fun, feminine, and diverse. It embraces vivid colours as a form of individual self-expression, much as the ancient pharaohs did.

From radiant citrine to cool blue topaz, the semi-precious stones are set in soft yet distinct silhouettes that create a confident and playful vibe. Starting from £250, Summer Oasis will affordably add variety and charm to your existing collection and style you up even with a single piece.

Go full circle with Hoops of Life

Following last year’s bestselling hoops set with coloured stones from our Exotic Summer collection, this season we are launching their more adventurous siblings. Our new Hoops of Life evoke a striking look with their more daring 40mm diameter and a seamlessly closed loop.

Blue topaz stones beautifully line the entire circumference of the 9ct white gold pair, while the yellow gold naturally complements the warmth of citrine, tsavorite, or amethyst.

These hoop earrings are a dazzling and fun addition to a casual day look as well as your collection.  

Rock playful confidence with a single cocktail ring

When it comes to making a statement with a single piece, nothing beats an exquisite cocktail ring. These four masterpieces have playful confidence written all over them.

Each one boldly highlights an emerald-cut, claw-set centre stone framed by contrasting accent stones along the shank. Indulge in deeper tones by opting for either the opulent amethyst or green quartz, both of which are framed by tsavorites pavé set in 9ct yellow gold. Also set in yellow gold, rich Madeira citrines hug the luminous, emerald-cut citrine in the middle and evoke a more radiant feel.

For a more refreshing vibe, the pink tourmaline against the 9ct white gold shank perfectly contrasts the ice blue topaz centre-stage.

Switch things up with detachable pear hoops

Summer Oasis’ new 9ct yellow and white gold detachable pear drop earrings extend our existing designs of versatile mix and match hoops. With interchangeable spectacle set amethyst, citrine and blue topaz pears, these vibrant little gems are perfect for women who like to switch things up from day to night.

Explore our new Summer Oasis collection now!


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